UVY-RGB converter

You can make board with slot for edge connector - there are all required signals.
But I don't recommend it, because on edge connector video signals are too noisy. Mutch better is to pick these signals direct from ULA chip.
If you get problems with colors, e.g. mixed up red and green, try with some different value of C7.

TUN - Transistor Universal NPN. This shortage is used in German magazine 'Elektor'.
TUP - Transistor Universal PNP.
This mean that you may put on this positions any low power standard (actual) silicon transistor, only polarity is important.
Characteristics should be about: max. current: 100mA or more, max. voltage: 15V or more, FT: 100MHz or more.
Examples: BC337, BC327, BC548, BC558, BC182, BC212 etc.

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