Atari ST software

TOS loaders:

Purpose of this program is making possible work with diverse versions of TOS without changing (EP)ROM's in machine. 1 MB of RAM is minimum requirement for use.

Program supports following TOS versions:
TOS 1.00 US, UK and German
TOS 1.04 US, UK and German
TOS 2.06 US, UK , German and UK 'Supertos' .

This program is freeware.

Download SELTOS.ZIP - 'Huge' ZIP file of 3230 bytes. Instructions included.

Version which loads without selection

Multi TOS booter
It is similar to SELTOS, but loads TOS from bootable floppy. It is welcome for machines without TOS in ROM (only with BOOT-ROM's) like ST 260.

Download CREDISK.ZIP - 13020 bytes. All necessary to create bootable floppy is included.

Versatile Floppy Formatter - Create all possible formats on ST.

Note: Don't ask ROM image files from me. Look at Pacifist emulator sites for small program to create TOS ROM image files.


Pera Putnik, August 2006.