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Instructions for IDEPC

  Bigdos is best to put in AUTO folder on floppy, and so boot. (For Falcon you need Bigdos-F) .For IDEPC is not important starting it from AUTO folder. After start, it checks presence of IDE drive, and reads ID sector.   After it program scans for DOS partitions, and builds BPB of them. And writes out how many partitions did find.
  Next, program asks "Rresident driver ?", it's not mistype, and it should mean 'reset resident driver'. If user chooses no, program returns to TOS (caller) and you may read PC disk. It always starts with first free drive letter for first partition, next free for second etc. - usually C,D....
  If rresident driver is choosen, program resets machine, but driver is in high memory, and activates itself. It is good, when then Bigdos is in floppy drive, and loads. I didn't put changing bootdevice to C - it has no sense with PC disk.  Benefit of rresident driver (if you know some better name, tell me) is that it survives reset, and it occupies no low memory - welcome for some games.
Simple program for measuring raw speed of read, called '10MEG_TR.TOS' is included. It reads 10 MB from drive C, so from passed time you may calc. how much KB/sec is transfer rate.